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Pensamento Liberal do Dia

Um corolário interessante do muito moral ditado "paga o justo pelo pecador" é que quem aparece a defender o justo é logo atacado por estar a defender o pecador.

Path to a Free Society

Milton Friedman - Path to a Free Society

Rant Liberal do Dia

Há por aí uma "atitude", que me parece bastante rascalhona, de porreiro-democratizar a vida social. Explicando. "somos todos iguais", certo? Tu e eu, mesmo que eu não te conheça de parte nenhuma, e mesmo em situações bem claras em que "antigamente" eu devia dirigir-me a ti na terceira pessoa. É que "aqui" não há lugar a arrogâncias. E assim "marcha" toda a gente - os mais velhos, os superiores hierárquicos, e novos e maçaricos. Esta coisa não se trata de informalidade, que também obedece a códigos e contextos, mas de nívelar primeiro, e sempre por baixo, sob um qualquer pretexto "bom". Não falta quem, em ocasiões mais exuberantes, promova que toda a gente participe numa qualquer palhaçada pirosa "super-divertida" porque é boa onda, e porque temos "todos" de participar ao mesmo nível. Caso contrário, obviamente a pessoa, que estava no seu cantinho, tem problemas. Isto também a propósito do "desafio do balde de gelo". A malta que se divirta muito, força com isso, angariem muito dinheiro para uma doença que nem sabem soletrar. Agora, há um certo gáudio em ver "os poderosos", os "que se acham melhor do que os outros", a descer do seu pedestal, inflingindo-se com um banho de água gelada (podia ser uma tarte de natas, o espírito é o mesmo), cedendo portanto ao bullying social das massas. Vai pelo ralo a classe com as "classes".

Libertarianism as Common Sense Morality

Libertarianism as Common Sense Morality

Citação Liberal do Dia

The trouble with trying to deprogram people out of an irrational, faith-based superstition (such as statism) is that there is an endless supply of completely irrational and bogus "arguments" they can use to cling to their indoctrination. For example, on a regular basis I hear statists proclaim that libertarianism/anarchism/voluntaryism means "every man for himself." There isn't the slightest shred of a logical excuse to conclude that; they believe it ONLY as a psychological reflex excuse to not THINK at all. They desperately want some cop-out, however irrelevant and unfounded, so they don't have to THINK about actual concepts.

1) "I think it's bad to attack people who haven't hurt anyone."
2) "Oh, so you think everyone should just live in a cabin in the woods like a hermit?"

Sorry, but if you think #2 is a rational response to #1, you're just a well-trained doofus. And to have to rationally explain how #2 doesn't follow from #1 is pretty damn pathetic. "No, the fact that I don't want people VIOLENTLY ATTACKING each other doesn't mean I don't want people organizing and cooperating." This is a fine example of why I say that, while humanity is hugely advanced in various aspects of science, most of "us" are three-year-olds when it comes to thinking about even basic principles of morality and philosophy.

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Infalibilidade do consenso

No matter what the observation, no matter how the world changes, we can never falsify alarmist climate theories. Any possible change, any possible observation, can always be explained by anthropogenic global warming.
Recomenda-se a leitura.

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Creating Disrespect For The Law

Milton Friedman - Creating Disrespect For The Law

Citação Liberal do Dia

ith regard to government planning and the implementation of such plans: Mises said there is a calculation problem; Hayek said there is a knowledge problem; I say there is a crime problem. Those who control the state seek power and plunder, and as a rule they get, more or less, exactly what they seek. Mises and Hayek framed their arguments by crediting the planners' stated intention to promote the general public interest. I choose not to make such a counterfactual concession to the looters.

To be an Anarchist is a great idea

Ron Paul "To be an Anarchist is a great idea"

Rant Liberal do Dia

NASA Climate Scientist Explains 15-Year ‘Global Warming Hiatus’

Depois de anos a se cobrirem de ridículo a negarem que as temperaturas globais tinham estagnado - pelos seus próprios indicadores - os altos sacerdotes da Igreja do Pecado do Homem finalmente admitem que há 15 anos (já é mais, mas que se quer...) que não há "Aquecimento Global" fritogénico. Como as coisas mudam...

Para já, mesmo que não se consiga explicar a coisa nem o seu contrário, há que insistir que a culpa é do Pecados do Homem. E não se diz "Aquecimento Global", há que dizer "Climate Change", que dá para tudo. Se as estações não são como os livros da primária de há 50 anos (quem diz que a endoutrinação salazarista não funcionava?), há que responder "climate change".

Se as estações de há 50 anos já eram diferentes das estações de há 100, 200, 400, 2000, 4000, 8000 anos, climate change. É que os Sumérios não aproveitavam os zigurates para converter energia solar, os Romanos não poupavam água no duche, e o Carlos Magno não desligava os carregadores dos smartphones quando não estavam a ser carregados, etc etc.

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Dirty laws

How Dirty Laws Trash The Environment | Learn Liberty

How Statists Think

How Statists Think (Or, Don't): Their Top 20 Traits:
1. They spend more time promoting dependency than they do encouraging self-reliance.

2. Lies and deceptions (for example, "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan") don't rankle them because they believe their ends justify almost any means.

3. They think intentions matter far more than actual results.

4. They lump people into groups and assign them fictitious rights.

5. They learn little or nothing from history or economics.

6. They think emotions, slogans and bumper-stickers trump reason and logic.

7. Compassion is their favorite word even as they put a gun to your head.

8. They respect property if it's theirs, but not if it's yours.

9. They'd rather shut you up than engage you in serious debate.

10. Individuals are never among the minorities they say they support.

11. When the first conservative or libertarian faculty member is hired at their university, they think it's a hostile takeover.

12. They think a welfare check is an entitlement, but a paycheck isn't.

13. When their policies flop, they assume no responsibility and demand more of the same.

14. They're always busy reforming you even if their own lives are dysfunctional.

15. They claim to know the future (e.g., which industry to subsidize) while showing no evidence they even understand the past.

16. They dislike business less because they have sound arguments against it and more because they have no idea how to start or run one themselves.

17. They criticize people and companies for not paying more in taxes than they are legally required to, yet never make any "donations" to government themselves beyond their own legal tax liability.

18. They are angry most of the time, have no sense of humor, and can't even tell a joke that's reasonably funny.

19. They've perfected the fine art of the double-standard, exempting their own from the very actions they criticize in others.

20. They appeal to the worst in us by emphasizing racial divisions, pitting class against class, and buying votes with other people's money.

Liberty and Economics

The Role of Austrian Economics in the Liberty Movement | Tom Woods

Citação Liberal do Dia

GOVERNMENT: Dysfunctional parenting for adults.
Kurt Tischer

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Teaching Liberty

Connor Boyack - Teaching Liberty To Kids

Stealing and Murdering

Israel Is Stealing and Murdering Its Way Through Palestine por Paul Craig Roberts:
As Zionists have endeavored to teach the world for decades, Israel is not subject to criticism. Only Jew-haters, anti-semites, and people who want to gas Jews and boil them in oil criticize Israel. Israel is above criticism, because Israelis are God’s Chosen People and despite being God’s Chosen People suffered the Holocaust.

This means that the Israeli government, like the one in Washington, can do whatever it wants and remain above criticism.

Since the 1940s Zionists have been stealing Palestine from the Palestinians. The majority of Palestinians have been removed from their homes and their country. They exist in refugee camps in other countries and 1.5 million are concentrated in the Gaza Ghetto, which is blockaded by Israel on one end and by the Washington paid Egyptians on the other.

This makes it convenient for Israel from time to time to attack the civilian population and civilian infrastructure in Gaza with military force. So far in Israel’s latest war crime, Israel has murdered more than 1,200 Palestinians, largely women and children.
What is another 1,200 murdered Palestinians? Who cares? Not Washington or the British PM in Whitehall and certainly not the Israelis. As far as Israel and the Great Moral West is concerned, 1,200 murdered Palestinians amount to nothing. They are not even chafe in the wind.
After seven decades the Palestinian people remain unarmed. Hamas has a few ineffective weapons, but the people themselves are unarmed. Their response to the Israeli murders of their children, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, and friends is to cry. This is not the response of a warlike people.

The view brainwashed into the West that Palestinians are a threat to Israel is absurd. If Palestinians are a threat and a danger to Israel, how is it possible that Palestinians are locked away into sealed ghettos in the remnants of their own country or into refugee camps in foreign countries?