domingo, março 17, 2019

A Internet está segura com o Estado

A Internet está segura com o Estado

Net Neutrality Repeal: The Internet Apocalypse That Never Came:
This month marks one year since the FCC repealed the controversial net neutrality rules, officially killing the internet as we knew it forever—or so net neutrality proponents would have liked you to believe. But as we take a closer look at what has actually happened in the year since the rules have been abolished, we find that the (often hysterical) rhetoric doesn’t reflect reality at all. On the contrary, the internet has actually improved since regulations were relaxed.

An ethical business should maximise its profits

O Papa anticapitalista

Papa critica “o deus dinheiro” por criar “sociedades desumanas e injustas”:
Criticando o "individualismo e o egoísmo característicos do liberalismo", o papa afirmou que não se consegue atingir a "felicidade plena", porque não se conta com os demais.

terça-feira, setembro 11, 2018

Freedoms and Liberties Lost Since 9-11

Private Cities: A Model for a Truly Free Society

Private Cities: A Model for a Truly Free Society? por Titus Gebel:
Imagine a system in which a private company as a "government service provider" offers you protection of life, liberty, and property. This service includes internal and external security, a legal and regulatory framework and independent dispute resolution. You pay a contractually fixed fee for these services per year. The government service provider, as the operator of the community, cannot unilaterally change this "citizens' contract" with you later on. As a "contract citizen", you have a legal claim to compliance and a claim for damages in the event of malperformance. You take care of everything else by yourself, but you can also do whatever you want, limited only by the rights of others and the other moderate rules of living together. This includes teaming up with others for all sorts of purposes. Disputes between you and the government service provider are heard in independent arbitration courts, as is customary in international commercial law. If the operator ignores the arbitral awards or abuses his power in another way, his customers leave and he goes bankrupt. He therefore has an economic risk and therefore an incentive to treat his customers well and in accordance with the contract.

This system is called Free Private City

sábado, setembro 08, 2018

Privatize Everything (2)


The Dance of the Open Palm:
I have observed that, as there is an equal and opposite reaction to applied force in Physics, there appears to be an equal and opposite reaction to the application of Economic Force.
I declare that there appears to be a law within the mechanics of complex systems. Watson's Law, if I may be so very bold:
"The initiation of force (violence, theft, or fraud) with the intention of improving a situation, always leads to a worse eventual outcome, given a sufficiently detailed observation."
Social problems cannot be resolved by violence.
BTW: Estado = Violência