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Brutalism and Libertarianism

Jeffrey Tucker on Brutalism and Libertarianism

On Free Immigration and Forced Integration

On Free Immigration and Forced Integration:
The classical argument in favor of free immigration runs as follows .. the produced output will increase over-proportionally, and real incomes will actually rise ..
As it is stated, the above argument in favor of free immigration is irrefutable and correct. It would be foolish to attack it, just as it would be foolish to deny that free trade leads to higher living standards than does protectionism.
In an anarcho-capitalist society there is no government and, accordingly, no clear-cut distinction between inlanders (domestic citizens) and foreigners. This distinction comes into existence only with the establishment of a government, i.e., an institution which possesses a territorial monopoly of aggression (taxation). The territory over which a government’s taxing power extends becomes “inland,” and everyone residing outside of this territory becomes a foreigner.
Moreover, with the establishment of a government and state borders, immigration takes on an entirely new meaning. Immigration becomes immigration by foreigners across state borders, and the decision as to whether or not a person should be admitted no longer rests with private property owners or associations of such owners but with the government as the ultimate sovereign of all domestic residents and the ultimate super-owner of all their properties. Now, if the government excludes a person while even one domestic resident wants to admit this very person onto his property, the result is forced exclusion (a phenomenon that does not exist under private property anarchism). Furthermore, if the government admits a person while there is not even one domestic resident who wants to have this person on his property, the result is forced integration (also non-existent under private property anarchism).
.. The current situation in the United States and in Western Europe has nothing whatsoever to do with “free” immigration. It is forced integration, plain and simple, and forced integration is the predictable outcome of democratic – one-man-one-vote – rule. Abolishing forced integration requires a de-democratization of society, and ultimately the abolition of democracy .. The means to achieve this goal are decentralization and secession (both inherently un-democratic, and un-majoritarian).

Libertarian Philosophy

Penn Jillette Explains His Libertarian Philosophy


Khan Academy's Challenge to State-Certified Educators por Gary North:
Khan has proven that 100+ years of educational theory is wrong. With no training whatsoever in a formal program of education, he became, almost overnight, the most important teacher in the history of the world. The teachers' union can scream bloody murder, but it won't do any good. His program is clearly better than anything that the typical tax-funded public school has to offer. Other charter schools will pick up Khan's program. Why not? It's free. They get all of this educational support material, and it does not cost them a dime. All the school has to do is buy used computers, add Wi-Fi, and let the students loose on Khan Academy's site.

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The School of Salamanca

The School of Salamanca


The Non-Antagonization Guideline:
Bigotry is not politely declining to cater a gay wedding, or relating racial opinions and misgivings to your girlfriend; neither involves active antagonization. Bigotry does include both wielding the State against gays, blacks, etc (like Jim Crow laws, etc), and such non-State antagonization as protesting a gay wedding or funeral, as do the Westboro Baptist Church bigots, or hostilely belittling a black man by addressing him as “boy” or some other epithet.

But bigotry also includes boycott organizers trying to destroy the business of religious bakers, feminists trying to get a disc jockey fired for playing the song “Blurred Lines,” and thought police publicly hounding elderly men over coarse things they get caught saying in private or merely politically incorrect or poorly phrased things they state in public.

The BOP strategy, when directed at people over their personal views and how they arrange their personal and commercial affairs, is predicated on antagonization over a difference in thought and behavior, and it is therefore bigotry. What else can you call even non-violent campaigns against people’s very livelihoods and against their welcome in society itself, over their different personal beliefs and unobtrusive practices?

Hobby Lobby & Private Property

The Mises View: "The Hobby Lobby Decision & Private Property" | Peter G. Klein

Five Ways To Think Like a State

Five Ways To Think Like a State por Jeffrey Tucker:
Experience shows that if something is going to go really wrong, predictably waste your time, annoy you and attack your dignity, and finally just prove to be totally ineffective at accomplishing the task, there’s a good chance that it involves the government.
1. Presume that all things worth knowing are already known.
2. Presume that the path of victory is paved by enforcement.
3. Presume that all disagreement amounts to betrayal and treason.
4. Presume that the material world matters more than ideas.
5. Oppose every unapproved change in the plan.

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An Opening For Liberty

Ron Paul - An Opening For Liberty

Freedom from legislative tyranny

The court ruled that “closely held corporations” whose owners have religious convictions against contraceptives cannot be forced to pay for employee coverage for those products.

I wish the court could have said this instead: (1) No one has a natural right to force other people to pay for her (or his) contraception or anything else (with or without the government’s help), and by logical extension, (2) everyone has a right to refuse to pay if asked.

For people about to celebrate the Fourth of July, these principles ought to be, well, self-evident.

A group of politicians cannot legitimately have the power to compel one group of people—employers, taxpayers, or insurers—to pay for things that another group wants. That’s immoral, and it violates inalienable rights. Moreover, when government has the power to issue such commands—always backed by force, let us never forget—it sets off a mad interest-group scramble for control of the government machinery—because control is a license to steal. Is it any wonder that people are willing to spend billions of dollars to influence who makes government policy? If people face the alternative of controlling the government or being controlled by it, those who have resources will buy power and influence, even if only in self-defense.
Free persons ought to be at liberty to opt out of any decree that violates their rights. (Decrees against murder, theft, and rape do not violate rights, so one may not opt out of them.) This libertarian principle means that a person would not only be free to opt out of a contraception mandate on religious grounds but would also be able to opt out of any mandate on any grounds—moral as well as religious—or no grounds at all! That’s freedom.

Think of the benefits: you and I could opt out of paying for war and empire. This is a slippery slope all freedom-loving people should embrace.

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Wage Earners and Employers

The Mises View: "Wage Earners and Employers" | Ludwig von Mises

.. if we wish to preserve a free society, it is essential that we recognize that the desirability of a particular object is not sufficient justification for the use of coercion.

Fazer leis para atingir determinados fins é normalmente uma receita para o desastre. Conjugar esse processo com problemas candentes e com discursos populistas só aumenta o potencial de danos.

A crítica aos argumentos de “slippery slope” é fácil. Mas também é fácil estar já adormecido na rampa e nem notar que se está em queda livre. Exagero por exagero, eu prefiro lidar com os resultantes do primeiro do que do segundo.

War and Military Mania in America

Lew Rockwell on War and Military Mania in America

Limited Government Is a Vain Hope

Limited Government Is a Vain Hope:
The notion of limited government is incapable of being realized in practice. If there is a monopoly government, any limitations on the government must be ones the government has imposed on itself. To expect this sort of limitation to be effective is futile.

As Rockwell puts the point:
This solution can’t work. It suffers from a fatal flaw. The Constitution creates a government that is the judge of its own powers. The branches of the government, legislative, executive, and judicial, are in theory supposed to check and balance each other. The problem with this is that the Supreme Court, which as the Constitution has developed has become the highest arbiter of constitutional issues, is itself part of the federal government. In a dispute between the federal government and the people, it is unlikely to side against the government.


NSA can spy on 98 percent of the world

liberalismo moral

A mera miséria. E armários.:
A tradição não é necessariamente melhor ou pior. O seu único mérito foi sobreviver ao tempo, coisa que uma rocha também faz com especial primazia. Claro que uma dinâmica social que respeita a ordem e a estabilidade é, para alguém de direita, condição fundamental e necessária, mas não condição suficiente, pelo menos para um liberal.
... e o que falta, para um liberal substantivo, é uma bússola moral baseada no princípio da não-agressão - algo que frequentemente desprezada pela "tradição", sobretudo a "tradição" encostada ao Estado e às suas benesses.

Harry Browne

Harry Browne - Libertarian Party Hall of Liberty, 2014

The Rage of the Climate Central Planners

The Rage of the Climate Central Planners:
.. I was merely extending F.A. Hayek’s “knowledge problem.”

We can’t know with certainty whether, to what extent, and with what result, and in light of possible countervailing factors, how climate change (especially not 50 years from now) really affects life on earth. We can’t know the precise causal factors and their weight relative to the noise in our models, much less the kinds of coercive solutions to apply and whether they have been applied correctly and with what outcomes, much less the costs and benefits.

We can’t know any of that before or after such possible solutions have been applied. Science requires a process and unrelenting trial and error, learning and experimentation, the humility to admit error and the driving passion to discover truth. In other words, real science requires freedom, not central planning. The idea that any panel of experts can have the requisite knowledge to make such grand decisions for the globe is outlandish and contrary to pretty much everything we know.

Plus, throw politics into the mix and matters get worse. From everything I’ve read, I’m convinced that fear over climate change (the ultimate public goods “problem”) is the last and best hope for those lustful to rule the world by force. Some people just want to run the world, and this entire nightmare scenario that posits that our high standard of living is causing the world to heat up and burn is the latest and greatest excuse. And that remains true whether or not everything they claim to be true is all true or all nonsense.