sexta-feira, junho 22, 2007

Por uma Europa a 27 velocidades (2)

"EU scraps free competition goal" (Financial Times):
The European Union's 50-year-old commitment to "undistorted competition" has been scrapped from a list of the bloc's objectives, in a French coup that lawyers argue could undermine Brussels' fight against protectionism and illegal state aid.
By contrast "full employment and social progress" will remain Union objectives, offering possible cover to a country wanting to prop up a failing company or engineer a merger of "national champions".

Também: "Dismay over competition threat" (Financial Times)

ADENDA: "EU competition to remain in place" (BBC)

3 comentários:

  1. Impressionante é o fetiche do pleno emprego... Como é possível que nenhum chefe de estado perceba a estupidez de tal objectivo?

  2. Concordo. É sinal de estupidez económica - ou da mais desabrida demagogia.

  3. EU competition to remain in place: