domingo, março 23, 2008

Organs for sale

Kidneys For Sale?

Virgina Postrel, do Cato Institute em Free the Kidneys (Reason):
The video is excellent, even though all of us look pretty awful. The only thing I'd fault it for is not making the point that--I cannot say this often enough--EVEN IF EVERY SINGLE ELIGIBLE CADAVER KIDNEY WERE DONATED, THERE WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH. This shortage cannot be fixed by changing the law to override families' wishes and turning everyone who hasn't explicitly said no into a deceased donor ....

A não perder: Organ Sales and Moral Travails: Lessons from the Living Kidney Vendor Program in Iran;
If a decade's worth of reports in the transplant literature are to be believed, only one country in the world does not suffer from an organ shortage: Iran. Although Iran clearly does not serve as a model for solving most of the world's problems, its method for solving its organ shortage is well worth examining. Organ donation is ubiquitous throughout the world, but Iran is the only country that legally permits kidney vending, the sale of one individual's kidney to another suffering from kidney failure.

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