segunda-feira, março 22, 2010

When State Capitalism Fails, We Have Each Other

When State Capitalism Fails, We Have Each Other por Darian Worden:
Statists say that people can’t be trusted to interact with each other without someone lording over them. They view the state as a solution for inevitable problems of human relations.
.... the statist system, in which most people are at best just another file for some bureaucrat trying to get through the day, another annoyance for some cop trying to do his job, another resource for some politician looking for glory – and at worst a target for thugs with government privilege or trash to be removed when in the way.
If government can’t save us, who will? We will save each other through mutual aid, solidarity, and other enterprising activity.

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  1. Este título deveria estar entre os mais bem conseguidos;

    ...Ia colocar aqui a parte do artigo que me "comoveu" mais, não foi preciso, o AA já o fez. :)