domingo, outubro 09, 2011

Pesssoas infelizes tornam-se socialistas

Why Unhappy People Become Liberals [socialistas]:
Time, experience, and maturity have led me to conclude that it is better to be in control of your own destiny than to have it dictated to you. If you control your own destiny, then you reap the rewards of your hard work and of your mistakes.
Think about the people you know who have low self-esteem .. They project the self-hate onto the person who is happy, wealthy, successful, and loved. Now, it is The Other who becomes the object of hate. “Why should he have everything? What has he done to deserve all this? I’m not the bad person, he is.” ..
Unhappy people become Liberals .. No, they say, they are only trying to make things fair. Liberals are consumed with fixing the world. By eliminating what is unfair, by eliminating the evil banks and the greedy corporations, all the little people will receive what is rightfully theirs! .. So twisted with hate, and so convinced of their own inefficacy, they cannot even rely on themselves to overthrow The Other. They hand over their own power to a third party — the government — to do their dirty work in the form of the confiscatory process of increased taxation and regulation.

Liberals, however, have got it turned around. They seek to heal the world before healing themselves first ..
“You can do it.” The four best words in the English language, with the emphasis on “you.”

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