segunda-feira, julho 30, 2012


People would not so readily align themselves with the ideology of socialism if it didn't have the word "social" in it. Social is a good thing. I love people. It's nice to be nice. Yet the kind of society this political ideology envisions is of the most shockingly antisocial kind possible, where everybody basically attempts to feed off everyone else ..
I would suggest that the word "Povertarian" may be the best way to describe the opposite of "Libertarian". Some like to use "Authoritarian", but authority isn't always a bad thing- you might say a professor is an "authority" on his or her subject, or the leader of a business has "authority" ..

Poverty, on the other hand, is a universal negative. It implies imprisonment, hopelessness, malnourishment. Povertarianism is any mindset, belief, or political philosophy which focuses on the lowest common denominator at the expense of the general or long term good. Those who advocate the kind of command and control society are often well meaning. Yet a knowledge of economics will tell you that a consistent application of this idea will only lead to more poverty- which makes it ultimately self-defeating.
Those who operate within the political system often do so out of good intentions. Libertarians and Povertarians are both equally enraged at the existence of suffering in society. But the difference is, Libertarians embrace the only kind of ethical code- trade, capitalism, individual liberty- which is in any way capable of eradicating it.

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