domingo, julho 08, 2012

Socialization Is Impossible

The Socialization Of America Is Economically Impossible:
A country that feels the need to socialize has, in my view, already failed culturally. It is an open admission by the public that they are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for their own prosperity .. A truly healthy society supported by strong and self sustainable individuals would not beg to be parented by government. If a country is so unbalanced as to stoop to socialism, then its ailments already extend far beyond anything government (even good government) could ever hope to cure.
It should be painfully clear to anyone considering socialism as a viable option for America that this kind of system requires fiscal discipline and a vast amount of SAVINGS .. Savings is an actual concrete storage of real capital, an ongoing surplus of manufacturing and production capability resulting in the stockpiling of working credit and ample employment. Most of the countries of the EU do not have such savings, and never did. In fact, most European countries have operated for decades on a loss. They have never been able to live with the direct and indirect investments of outside players. Because of this, EU countries are utterly unable to keep up with the grand concepts of socialism, and have buried themselves under the crushing debts generated by entitlement programs.
There has been a pervasive delusion amongst pro-socialism movements in the United States that we are the “richest country in the world”. They claim it is “absurd” that the establishment system does not pay for our healthcare with such riches at its disposal .. To put it plainly, all those people who believe America is the “richest country in the world” are living in mushroom land. We-are-broke. Bust. In the red. In the hole. Insolvent. Our pockets have become lint traps .. We-have-no-money. Therefore, the debate over universal socialized medicine is pointless. It is mathematically and economically impossible to implement ..
They will say that people must be forced to do what is right for the group. I say, such hubris has always led to catastrophe. Usually, it is the select beneficiaries of tyrannical cultures that call for the might of the central government to be wrought upon the rest of the citizenry. Not to do right by conscience, but to satiate their desire for control. Men love government as long as it is imposing their particular world view, and as long as the tables never turn.
“Don’t you want to help the poor”, they say .. Certainly. I want to help them by saving them from the disaster that socialism will inevitably lead to.

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