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The Robot Unemployment Myth

The Robot Unemployment Myth por Michael Suede:
What would happen if one day an a plane flew over his island and parachuted him a fishing robot? The robot could fish for him, procuring fish 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Does anyone think Mr. Caruso would be upset by this? Wouldn’t the robot free him to focus on all the other tasks that are necessary for his survival?
Because robots are not capable of coming up with novel solutions to human problems, and because human problems are virtually limitless, humans will always have something productive they could be doing. Robots will never be able to replace the creativity of the human mind, which requires a consciousness not present in any machine.
Just as in our Robinson Caruso example, technological automation of tedious, dangerous and repetitive tasks frees up labor resources to be put to use doing more productive and creative tasks. There will always be some ongoing displacement of labor through technological obsolescence, but this is not something to be feared.
The causes of long-term chronic unemployment have nothing to do with technological automation. In fact, the industrial revolution created a massive demand for labor! ..
In short, there are a myriad of causes to our present long-term unemployment problem, but not one of them is related to technological advancement or the automation of worker processes. If robots could do everything for us, no one would need to engage in labor ever again. The world would be a Utopia, filled with abundant products and services, all provided to us by robots without us having to lift a finger. We truly would have a Star Trek type of world, where everyone could take whatever they needed without having to pay for anything because there would be a total super abundance of every good and service imaginable.

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