quinta-feira, outubro 25, 2012

Charter Cities (11)

No seguimento de Charter Cities (10), Honduran Private City Plan Shot Down by Its Supreme Court:
The constitutional chamber of Honduras' Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that privately run cities in the Central American country would be unconstitutional, threatening a project to build "model cities" with their own police, laws, government and tax systems.
Free Cities: From Honduras to Jamaica?:
Now that the Honduran Supreme Court has struck down legislation that would allow for a Hong Kong-style free city to spring up in that corrupt and beleaguered country, the Jamaican government is now sitting up and taking notice.

Officials with the corporation (MKG) that would develop free cities are already in talks with the Jamaican government, according to this report ..

The free cities effort, like seasteading, is essentially a movement to create new social operating systems that will give people more opportunities to vote with their feet (or their boats).

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