segunda-feira, outubro 29, 2012

Obama: failure (2)

No seguimento de Obama: failure (1), The Winner of the Election: George W. Bush:
I'm calling the election. The winner will be George W. Bush.

Whether Obama serves a second term or hands the reins to Romney, we will face another four years of Bush's policies.

The war on terrorism defined Bush's tenure. Obama has embraced virtually every significant aspect of Bush's national security strategy. The current administration has signed off on warrantless wiretapping and has claimed the authority to start wars even in the face of explicit congressional opposition. The White House has hid behind a shroud of extreme secrecy, invoking the Espionage Act against whistleblowers and stonewalling torture investigation by revising the Freedom of Information Act through executive order. The FBI has continued its crackdown on dissenters and infiltrations of peaceful political groups. Obama has even formalized the most extreme Bush-era claim of executive power -- the authority to detain American citizens indefinitely without charge. His administration has gone even further to claim the president can kill any suspected terrorist in the world by drone bombing, describing his personal mental calculation over such decisions as "due process."

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