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Steve Martin - too good to be ignored

Steve Martin's Revolutionary Career Strategy por Gary North:
I first saw him perform at the Golden Bear, what in those days was called a folk music club. It was in Huntington Beach in Orange County, California. That was back in 1967.
Martin stood in front of the crowd with a banjo strapped around his neck. I kept waiting for him to play the banjo. He kept talking. I initially thought he was a banjo player who was filling time by trying to be funny. After about ten minutes, I finally figured out that he was a comedian in training who was using a banjo as a prop. The banjo was his ticket to get on stage in a folk music club.
For over 40 years, he practiced playing his banjo in private. Then, without warning, he came clean. He has finally started touring with his music. He no longer tries to make us laugh. And let me tell you, he is really good on the banjo. I would pay to hear him play.
Steve Martin on Banjo:
This is probably the greatest assembly of bluegrass performers in history. Martin made it possible.
Quanto à comédia:
- aqui a apresentar os Oscars

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