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The Myth of Deregulation

The Myth of Deregulation:
Corporations nest in regulation. Corporations cultivate regulation for their own purposes. The corporations .. are very much the product of modern controlled capitalism .. Our current predicament has come about by the corporate majority obeying the rules.

It is not merely that they have adjusted to state regulation. It is not even that they have manipulated regulation to suit their own ends. They have actively sought regulation, have nurtured and nourished regulation by subtle and unsubtle means. They have done this to establish and maintain a state of oligopoly impregnable to unforeseen competition ..

The corporate requirement for regulation is simple: that compliance – which includes the onerous processes of providing proof of compliance – should be relatively easy for themselves and highly troublesome for anyone else .. That is how the corporations have come to be as powerful as they are: by causing sanely-scaled alternatives to be regulated out of existence.

Corporations use many means to cultivate regulation. Provocation is a favourite: corporations keep pushing governments’ buttons until they get the regulations they want .. also, the misnomer “deregulation”, which is in fact an edifice of regulation no less exacting than any other which merely happens to favour the corporation ..

.. a market that is free in any intelligibly rational sense of the word is the one thing the corporations will not be able to survive.
And thus regulation breeds the “need” for more regulation ..

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