sábado, outubro 20, 2012

You Will Be Betrayed

You Will Be Betrayed por Jeffrey Tucker:
.. every politician routinely claims insane things. They claim that their personal vision will be enacted and that the nation and the world will conform to their personal imaginings of how the world should work. They claim that they have the power to bring this about and that it can be brought about.

What a politician promises are outrageous and obvious lies, no different from a promise I might make to build a skyscraper in your backyard overnight. When I don’t accomplish the task, you can say I betrayed you, and I have, but it might be a good idea to consider why you were so gullible as to believe it in the first place.

The nation-state is an unfathomably gigantic institution involving countless internal rules, conventions, employees, and exchange relationships, all of it rooted in graft and coercion, and most all of its operations administered independently of the elected class of political marionettes.

The permanent bureaucracy pays little attention to the comings and goings of the pretty and cunning boys and girls who are elected to occupy designated offices on a rotating basis. The pictures on the walls of the bureaucracies change, but not much else. The drones just keep droning regardless. Even the most powerful politician cannot touch them.

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