quinta-feira, novembro 22, 2012

Citação Liberal do Dia

Suppose you were renditioned and found yourself a captive in some foreign hellhole. Each day you are tortured -- beaten, starved, shocked, waterboarded -- and interrogated by Man A. Sometimes, however, another interrogator, Man B, comes to your cell and talks to you, telling you that he would like to help you, expressing sympathy for you, offering you cigarettes and food, and perhaps bringing a blanket for you to wrap around your naked body. If you retain your capacity for intelligent thought, you will recognize this setup as the classic good cop/bad cop tactic by your captors, and you will therefore assume that anything Man B tells you is probably a lie. You will understand that whatever he says, he says only because he wants to get something out of you.

I maintain that when politicians, state officials, and their leading supporters say something to you, they have exactly the same objective -- to get something out of you (including out of your wallet and bank account) -- and you would be well advised to assume that what they say to you is a lie.

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