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Daylight Saving Time

The Ugly Truth Behind Daylight Saving Time:
It was not until the start of one of the most drastic upheaval shifts in human history that daylight saving time was first adopted. In 1916, deep in the middle of World War I when one half of Europe was trying to obliterate the other, the German Empire adopted their form of daylight saving. Called Sommerzeit, Germany and its allies first adopted it in April 30, 1916 as part of the rationing of coal from its civilians for the wartime effort. Britain and its allies followed suit with their own daylight saving time, to be followed by Russia in 1917, right before the Revolution, and the United States in 1918. At the end of the war, many countries reverted back to their respective standard times. It was not until the next world war where daylight savings made its comeback.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted daylight savings time as “War Time” 40 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor on February 9, 1942. The large energy saving benefits of daylight saving time were seen for the first time when Great Britain instituted double Summer Time during the war, where clocks were moved ahead two hours in the summer and one hour back in the winter from standard time. From then on, daylight savings time became standard in the U.S. and many other countries in the world.

So when you moved your clocks back one hour this Fall, remember that if it was not for destructive fighting between imperial states and wartime rationing for the production of weapons created for the mass slaughter of human beings, we would all not be enjoying this extra hour right now. Enjoy it if you can!

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