domingo, novembro 25, 2012

Death Spiral State

Do You Live In A Death Spiral State?:
Two factors determine whether a state makes this elite list of fiscal hellholes. The first is whether it has more takers than makers. A taker is someone who draws money from the government, as an employee, pensioner or welfare recipient. A maker is someone gainfully employed in the private sector.
The second element in the death spiral list is a scorecard of state credit-worthiness .. focuses more on dollars than body counts. Its formula downgrades states for large debts, an uncompetitive business climate, weak home prices and bad trends in employment.
Leitura adicional: Os ricos que paguem a crise?:
“86% da receita total de IRS é paga pelos últimos dois escalões”, acrescentando que “mais de dois milhões de agregados continuam a não pagar IRS em 2013″
Quanto ao segundo factor, estamos falados.

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