quinta-feira, novembro 08, 2012

Furacões e Janelas Partidas (6)

No seguimento de Furacões e Janelas Partidas (5), Status FB de Steve Horowitz:
It's a good thing I shaved my head this morning or else I'd be tearing out my peach fuzz with my fingernails thanks to the plethora of broken windows fallacies being bandied about in the media today. If you think Sandy is "good for the economy," you are hereby remanded to my Econ 100 class (and ordered to read endless Bastiat) and I expect to see you cheering the next disaster that kills people because it boosts the demand for funeral homes and cemeteries.

Disasters, whether natural or social, DESTROY WEALTH AND MAKE US WORSE OFF. Period. End of sentence. There is NO "silver lining." The economy would be BETTER OFF HAD SANDY NEVER HAPPENED. Got it?

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