domingo, novembro 11, 2012

Opting Out of the State

Opting Out of the State por Sheldon Richman:
Look in the mirror. If that person stayed home election day, Barack Obama would still have been reelected. It doesn’t matter that if several million Obama voters stayed home, Mitt Romney would have won. No one person controls several million votes. Each individual decides for himself or herself whether to go to the polls, and no one decides for someone else. Hence your vote doesn’t count.
.. Freedom of speech, or the right to speak out. For many civil libertarians this right is what distinguishes a free country from an unfree one. By golly, every person has a right express his or her opinion. As long as that’s true, we are free people. Or so we’re told.
Actually there’s a more important freedom that they lack — one that we Americans lack too: the freedom to opt out. If you think the freedom to speak out is important, you should give some thought to the freedom to opt out. Now there is a freedom!

The freedom to opt out means that no one can force you to participate in any government activity that you object to. If you wanted to look after your own retirement pension, you could opt out of Social Security. If you wanted to arrange for your own medical care, you could opt out of Obamacare and Medicare. If you didn’t want to help agribusiness or Wall Street, you could opt out of subsidy and bailout programs. And so on.
This would not get rid of the government immediately, as we market anarchists would like. But it would sure beat the hell out of what we have now.

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