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Presidential Election: Analysis From a Space Alien

Presidential Election 2012: Analysis From a Space Alien:
As a space alien, I find human democratic political systems to be very interesting, but they don’t seem to make much sense to me. Humans seem to love democracy, but it seems like a rather repressive system of social organization to me ..
.. there were more people “voting” for “none of the above” than either of the two candidates, yet their votes don’t seem to count at all. If humans actually believed that majority rule was the proper way to organize society, then how could they ignore the huge numbers of people who don’t seem to want anyone running their lives at all? Shouldn’t the humans give up these rather ridiculous political systems all together if most people vote for “none of the above” every election?
Speaking of taxes, here’s another rather insane system that all humans seem to think is necessary to organize their societies. Where I come from, if someone used threats or violence to take another person’s property, our security forces would be on top of them immediately! Yet the humans organize virtually all of their societies around this principle! From my point of view, the human political parties are what we refer to as criminal mafia organizations ..
For example, humans become outraged at mass murderers, but when a mass murder is called war, they all line up to participate! Humans become outraged at theft, but when theft is called taxation, they all fork over their money with no questions asked. Humans become outraged at fraud, but when fraud is called quantitative easing, they cheer it as if it will improve the lives of everyone! There is an endless list of moral inversions based simply on what word they chose to call the same action. I don’t understand this at all.
Where I come from, each person “votes” by voluntarily giving their money and resources to the security and justice systems they like the most ..

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