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r/K Selection Theory

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The theory behind this book is that our political psychologies evolved from the more primitive r and K-type psychologies that have been well described in Population Biology for over half a century.

The significance of this is that, if true, Conservatism likely evolved as a competitive, aggressive psychology, designed to compete for limited resources within our first home territory as it became overpopulated.

Liberalism, by contrast, likely evolved as a competing Darwinian strategy designed to flee from these violent competitions for resources, in search of freely available resources, in new uninhabited, untapped, territories. It was this bifurcation in Darwinian strategies which produced our species’ ability to migrate to new environments and multiply with the aggression of an r-selected, invasive species, while still exhibiting the high levels of evolutionary advancement and adaptiveness of a less fecund, K-selected species. However, this bifurcation in Darwinian strategies also produced the immense ideological and psychological gulf between our ideologues, which remains with us to this day.
r/K Selection Theory:
This is the evolutionary foundation of the modern Liberal’s psychology. The modern Liberal seeks an environment which is as devoid of competition as possible .. Liberals oppose all forms of free competitions among men, and will use force of government to abolish them where possible. In matters of mating strategies, Liberalism carries with it an inherent embrace of promiscuity .. And finally, Liberals exhibit an absence of concern with the careful rearing of children .. Thus out of the four aspects of the r-selected psychology, Liberal ideology exhibits all four – aversion to competition, early sexualization of offspring, embrace of promiscuity, and a low level of psychological investment in child rearing.

The opposite conditions of r-selection are K-selection .. invariably produces tremendously fast rates of evolutionary advancement. For this reason, K-selected organisms are usually more evolutionarily advanced than their r-selected counterparts, and will exhibit more complex adaptations, from increased intelligence and sentience, to increased physical capabilities.

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