terça-feira, novembro 13, 2012


Cato, Brook, Allison by David Gordon:
.. one can only view with misgiving the increased influence at a prominent libertarian organization of Objectivism in the style of Peikoff. I write not as someone who thinks poorly of Ayn Rand: to the contrary, she was an insightful and original thinker. But the rigid ideological framework of Peikoff and his allies has little to be said for it. Only those who accept their system, they say, count as true defenders of liberty. Those who do not are libertines, relativists, and subjectivists. This dogmatism stands in sharp contrast to the often expressed position of Murray Rothbard that libertarianism is a political philosophy, not a comprehensive worldview. People of diverse philosophical positions count fully as libertarians, so long as they accept its political tenets. Will the Randian accession to power at Cato drive from the field whatever tolerance for diverse philosophies and noninterventionist foreign policy that remains there, to be replaced by kowtows to Peikoff and war on Islamic terrorism? Time will tell.

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