terça-feira, novembro 13, 2012

Success, Libertarian Party-Style (2)

No seguimento de Success, Libertarian Party-Style, Lessons of Gary Johnson’s Presidential Campaign:
Given these realities and the failure of the LP to have an effective impact throughout its forty-year history, libertarians would be better advised to advance our cause by other means. Johnson himself might have done better if he had run for New Mexico’s open senate seat as a Republican. I can understand his and other libertarians’ frustration with the Democrats and the GOP, including with regard to the shabby treatment that Johnson got when he ran for the Republican nomination. But the misdeeds of the major parties don’t change the reality that the LP is a poor vehicle for promoting libertarianism. Working to make the major parties more libertarian from within is a much better strategy. Such groups as the Religious Right, labor unionists, gun rights advocates, civil rights activists, and feminists all considered third parties at various times, but ultimately realized they would do better to work within the major ones. The lessons of their experience apply to us.

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