sexta-feira, novembro 09, 2012

The Futility of Politics

The System Is Rigged: The Futility of Politics por Robert Murphy:
Am I preaching a counsel of despair? No, I’m not .. an oppressive State can only survive if the people support it. The ruling class is but a tiny fraction of the population. If the mass of public opinion withdrew its consent, the regime would collapse of its own weight. This is why totalitarian regimes devote so much effort to controlling schools and newspapers; they know that all of their prisons and firing squads are impotent against ideas.

This is why education is so important. We must teach our fellow Americans the true legacy of the Founding Fathers, and the ideals of liberty upon which this country was built. We need to stop accepting the major media figures who tell us what the relevant “issues” are in today’s campaigns. This is all a smokescreen, to keep the public from seeing how they are getting bilked of trillions of dollars.

Reform of “the system” will not occur by picking the right man (or woman) to ride into Washington and beat back the hordes. That’s like fighting drug addiction by locking up dealers. No, we won’t roll back the welfare state until the American people don’t want handouts from the government, and instead encourage their own family members and neighbors to find private solutions to the genuine problems that occur in life. If we could somehow get to that happy scenario, it wouldn’t matter what elected officials promised or didn’t promise.

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