domingo, dezembro 30, 2012

comunismos em larga e pequena escala

Singo and Howard Oppose Australian Participation in the Vietnam War [o título tem pouco que ver com a citação]:
.. the concept of voluntarism. People have a right to be left alone to choose how they will live their lives, and this obviously includes the right to choose a communal or socialist lifestyle. But we should also have a right to choose a voluntary free trade, individualist lifestyle — or any other we can devise.

However, while communal living (voluntary communism) is moral, it is never practical on anything but a small scale. It is no accident that most communes either fail or at least have high member turnovers. Nor that the more successful a commune is, the closer it is to being an individualistic, free trade community. Human beings are not equal in any way with regard to abilities, interests, desires, needs, or any other qualities. Because of this individual diversity, communal living on a large scale is totally impractical.

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