segunda-feira, dezembro 17, 2012

"Peak Oil" baboseira

Remembering "Peak Oil" Madness:
In the quaint old days of the Aughts, the streets were clotted with peak oil prophets shouting that the end of civilization was nigh - the world's oil wells were fast running dry. Here's a 2007 representative quotation from a CNN report:

The world has reached the point of maximum oil output and production levels will halve by 2030 -- a situation that will eventually lead to war and disaster, a report claims.
What a difference a few years makes. The end is no longer nigh notes an item on future oil production in the winter issue of Harvard's Belfer Center newsletter:

Oil production capacity is surging in the United States and several other countries at such a fast pace that global oil output capacity is likely to grow by nearly 20 percent by 2020—possibly prompting a plunge or even a collapse in oil prices.

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