sexta-feira, dezembro 14, 2012

procrastinating Liberty

We Can’t Tweak Our Way to Freedom por Thomas L. Knapp:
“Until we can get rid of the welfare state, we have to increase and enforce restrictions on immigration so that the welfare state isn’t over-burdened.”

“Until we can end the war on drugs, let’s just pile on medicalization schemes and alternative sentencing regimes to cut the costs of waging it.”

These arguments and the courses of action they’re used to defend are traps which inevitably slam shut around those who stumble into them.
The “limited government” excuse for spraying perfume on the pile of poop, or putting another pile of poop atop the first one, is that finding a broom is just too difficult. But that’s not much of an excuse.
Making the existing system “work better” doesn’t weaken that system, it strengthens that system. So you made the pile of stuff smell a little better, or at least you were able to tell yourself you “did something.” But you’re now farther away from your goal than you were before, not closer. The path of least resistance always leads away from, not toward, freedom.

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