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The State Is Our Church

The State Is Our Church por Bryce Beattie:
Here are some ways in which either Thestate acts like a deity or we treat it like one. Now, I’m not going to pass judgement today and call all these things evil or inherently wrong. I’m merely reflecting on my beliefs and the customs in my country from a different viewpoint for a minute.
  • We promise our loyalty to Thestate in a memorized prayer that we call the "Pledge of Allegiance."
  • We sing hymns of praise to Thestate’s infallibility and greatness in our national anthem and other patriotic songs.
  • We have an "Independence" day where we perform fire rituals to Thestate. Often these rituals are accompanied by impassioned sermons lauding Thestate as well as group prayer (Pledge) and hymn singing.
  • We court favor from Thestate for monies via his inspired welfare, grants, and tax credit systems.
  • We pay tithes and offerings to appease Thestate throughout our lives. We make an "income tax" sacrifice to the great god Thestate for allowing us even to labor with our hands or our minds. We pay further oblation (sales tax) to Thestate for the blessing of purchasing goods using money that we have earned through our own labors. Yes, legion are the offerings we call "taxes." We offer up building permit taxes, a cigarette tax, capital gain taxes, income taxes (Federal, state, and sometimes city), gasoline and other fuel taxes, property taxes, telephone taxes, marriage license taxes, unemployment taxes, utility taxes, inheritance (death) taxes, and so many more. Perhaps we pay these offerings willingly as a way of showing our gratitude to Thestate for all he does for us. Possibly we offer these tithes in fear of Thestate’s righteous wrath and jail time. Whatever the reason, we pay them and thereby at every step of our life we are reminded of our subservience to Thestate.
  • ..
So what if you don’t want Thestate to be your god? Do you march in protest? Do you stop giving it your tax money and soon go to jail? Do you even lend it your approval of existence by voting? Or do you simply relent and consent to meekly live your life worshiping a deeply flawed god? I don’t have the answer, but I think it’s a question well worth asking.

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