quinta-feira, janeiro 03, 2013

a ditadura dos tecnocratas

Big Problems and Big Government: Siamese Twins for Special-Interest Groups por Gary North:
The Technocrats of the 1930's urged us to accept the economic guidance of the engineering elite. They would eliminate "waste." Yet the engineers of the Soviet Union have been forced to construct crude economic accounting tech­niques in order to deal with such "capitalistic" phenomena as value and the rate of interest.

Engin­eering--meaning specialized, tech­nological competence--cannot deal with such psychological imponder­ables as consumer preferences. Only the price mechanism of a free market can do this with any degree of accuracy, which is why Ludwig von Mises rejects socialist planning.

If we confuse engineer­ing with economic calculation, we will destroy the rational allocation of scarce resources by the market. It would involve turning over the task of ordering literally quintil­lions of economic relationships to a centralized elite with necessarily limited knowledge.° The results can be predicted: irrational deci­sions, petty bureaucratic coercion, and a loss of political freedom. . . .

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