quinta-feira, janeiro 03, 2013

a widespread loss of innocence about the nature of politics

Wet Sidewalks Cause Rain por Butler Shaffer:
As the state loses the respect and awe in which we have been conditioned; as a new age of young minds – adept at employing the developing technologies that exponentially expand the flow of information and ideas – begin to question the existing order; and as the dinosaurs of "America’s [so-called] greatest generation" take their politically-serving bromides and basic premises with them down history’s "memory hole," a widespread loss of innocence about the nature of politics is accelerating. In the face of growing disaffection, along with the emergence of alternative, non-political practices, the state is resorting to increased violence in a desperate effort to shore up its collapsing foundations and sustain its dominance.

To borrow from Thomas Kuhn’s work, I believe that Western Civilization is at a point where a fundamental paradigm shift in social thinking is occurring. Relating his study to the topic at hand, Kuhn tells us that "political revolutions are inaugurated by a growing sense . . . that existing institutions have ceased adequately to meet the problems posed by an environment that they have in part created." Kuhn adds that such revolutions "aim to change political institutions in ways that those institutions themselves prohibit."

If Kuhn is correct, we might ask ourselves to what source(s) young men and women of an emerging paradigm will look as they begin to flesh out new visions for a world grounded in peace, liberty, and the inviolability of every individual?

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