sexta-feira, janeiro 18, 2013

diktats of bureaucrats

WSJ, citado n'O Insurgente:
.. Throughout most of Europe there are no significant political parties that openly break from a settled consensus in support of an ever-closer political and economic union. Britain is unique in having responsible leaders from mainstream parties willing to debate fundamental questions regarding the EU’s size and reach. (…) Europe was conceived as a great experiment in free-market liberalism: the elimination of barriers to the free movement of goods, services, labor and capital. For those benefits, the costs of Europe’s perpetually mismanaged Common Agricultural Policy seemed a small price to pay. Today, however, Europe seems to have become more attached to “harmonization” than to competition, to the regulation of products than to free trade, to the diktats of bureaucrats on handsome tax-free salaries than to the views of elected and accountable politicians. This is what has long disenchanted critics of the EU, in Britain and elsewhere. The crisis of the past three years hardly engenders confidence that the EU knows where it’s going or what it’s doing ..

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