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Ingenuidade económica papal

Alguém viu por aí o "capitalismo desregrado"? de Daniela Silva:
From the point of view of civil society, the business enterprise is an important social good for four reasons. First, it creates jobs. Second, it provides desirable goods and services. Third, through its profits it creates wealth that did not exist before. And fourth, it is a private social instrument, independent of the state, for the moral and material support of other activities of civil society. In recent decades, this last-mentioned Independence from the state has been more and more compromised, through “command and control” regulations and heavy-handed “guidance” from ambitious politicians, promiscuous with state and federal power. Not surprisingly, economic growth has been grinding to slow, fitful levels. And the iron of state programs is rubbing through the fabric of civil society.

Moreover, sources of private capital and private wealth, independent of the state, are crucial to the survival of liberty. The alternative is dependence on government, the opposite of liberty. The chief funder of the many works of civil society, from hospitals and research institutes to museums, the opera, orchestras, and universities is the business corporation. The corporation today is even a major funder of public television. Absent the financial resources of major corporations, civil society would be a poor thing, indeed.
Michael Novak, The Future of Corporation
LEITURA ADICIONAL - Papa denuncia "capitalismo desregrado" como uma ameaça à paz

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