quarta-feira, janeiro 16, 2013

Libertarianism: What Everyone Needs to Know

Q&A with Jason Brannan
Jason Brennan talked about his book, Libertarianism: What Everyone Needs to Know. He suggested that his goal for the book was to make libertarianism seem reasonable to people who were not inclined to know much about it.
Comentário de Steve Horwitz:
It is well worth spending this hour with Brian Lamb and Jason Brennan. It's a great interview and his book sounds like a great gift for your libertarian-phobic friends. I would, however, note that Jason wrongly attributes a natural rights position to Mises. Regardless of what so-called "Misesians" (including Rothbard) might believe, Mises was a consequentialist and rejected the language of natural rights. On this issue, Rothbard deviated from Mises. For Mises, it was all about what sorts of policies forwarded social cooperation under the division of labor. Natural rights had nothing to do with it.

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