quarta-feira, janeiro 30, 2013

not on the individual to justify his freedom

Is Liberty Innocent Until Proven Guilty? por David Bier:
Free societies place the responsibility on those who would restrain the freedom of an individual to justify their action, not on the individual to justify his freedom.

But the proponents of government action have completely inverted this premise — government power now requires little justification — it is presumed valid — and exercising liberty requires a great deal of justification.
Marx’s maxim “to each according to his needs” could be applied to everything today. Rather than the Declaration of Independence’s “inalienable rights,” everything is now slowly becoming contingent on “need.” Do the rich really need their wealth? Do gun owners really need their weapons? Do you really need that 20 oz. soda? Do you really need caffeinated alcohol? Do you really need that cheap, incandescent light bulb? Do you need that high flow toilet? It has gone so far that you actually have to justify the liberty not to act: do you really need not to have health insurance? Do you really need not to subsidize abortifacients and contraceptives?

The philosopher may start the political debate at “Do we need government?” But the politicians begins it, “Do we need liberty?”
Just remember that the burden of proof is always on the prosecution.

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