quarta-feira, janeiro 09, 2013

Pax Libertaria

Pax Libertaria:
If you find yourself in a shouting match, search your own words and behavior to see if you have needlessly provoked your opponents. Perhaps an apology is in order. If you're ambivalent, the wise err on the side of contrition. If, after a healthy adjustment for self-serving bias, you find yourself above reproach, it still pays to turn the other cheek, to talk to your opponent as if he were your best friend. While you'll still probably fail to persuade, you drastically increase your prospects.
.. Accordingly I propose a Pax Libertaria - a Libertarian Peace. The terms of the peace: Individual libertarians unilaterally pledge to defuse shouting matches by (a) meticulously searching their own words and actions for shortcomings, (b) erring strongly on the side of making amends for their arguable shortcomings, and (c) turning the other cheek when the other side shouts at them despite their blamelessness. This could mean ignoring the other side, or politely responding to their substantive arguments without further comment.
.. The Pax Libertaria is a roadmap to peace for libertarians. It's an attempt to increase the effectiveness of libertarian persuasion by reducing the frequency of libertarian infighting. If the Pax Libertaria seems like it's asking a lot, I say you have nothing to lose but your anger. Give Pax a chance.

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