sexta-feira, janeiro 11, 2013

Socialism vs. the future

Karl Marx and Milton Friedman Would Agree: We need Innovation in Government:
The future is going mainstream. Publications like the Economist, Forbes and the New York Times have finally figured out something that has been obvious to us for a while now – technology is moving at breathtaking pace; but, at the same time, we are experiencing a “great stagnation”, because vested interests are doing their best to limit change. Specifically, innovations like P2P sharing, virtual currencies, 3D printing, online education and DIY health monitoring are threatening the business models of large established players – everyone from big media to taxi unions. These vested interests are fighting back by smothering innovation with a blanket of labyrinthine regulations and patents.

What this boils down to is that our future is being stolen from us – because of a mismatch between the pace of technological change and governmental change.
This war, with technology and individuals on one side and Big Business and Big Government on the other side has only just begun. As technology increasingly has the potential to empower individuals at the expense of centralized power, the steps that vested interests will need to take to hold back the tide of progress will become increasingly draconian .. The new dividing line in politics is between those who are ready for an evolution in society and those who want the past to control the future.

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