terça-feira, janeiro 15, 2013

Talvez valha a pena "privatizar" primeiro os "crimes" sem vítimas

No seguimento de privatizem, já!*, The Limits of Privatization por Lew Rockwell:
Capitalism is a productive, efficient, and powerful organizer of human energies. But there are some things capitalism should not do.

This also shows us that while privatization is a useful political strategy, it is not a first principle of government. For one thing, it begs the question of what a free society should allow in the first place. We should no more privatize Treasury Department functions than those of the Federal Reserve System. It is important to advocate the abolition of agencies that are inherently illegitimate, as it is the privatization of such proper services as garbage collection.

As regards taxes, if government is going to raise them, the least it can do is assume the responsibility, and the blame, for collecting them. In bringing back tax farming, the Clinton administration should pray it is the exception to a long history of disasters. Or is that the sound of a whetstone on a guillotine blade that I hear in the distance?
Numa altura em que o prison state é uma realidade, sobretudo por causa da "guerra contra as drogas" (não sei até que ponto por exemplo estas estatísticas são correctas, mas suponho que não falhem na ordem de grandeza), interessa reflectir se interessa fazer dos privados franchises mais eficientes de um Estado que já ultrapassou em muito os seus limites.

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