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Trying To Reform Government Is a Waste of Time

Trying To Reform Government Is Largely a Waste of Time:
.. I always hear from well-intentioned, conservative- and libertarian-minded people who want me to consider their solutions. Most of their ideas .. always miss the main point.

That is, they misunderstand the nature of government. They think that government is an institution that does all these necessary things and can therefore be reformed. But government is a vast force-based enterprise designed to take as much money from the public and give as much of it as possible to the clients of government. It’s a wealth transfer and any genuine services government provides can be done better, cheaper and more humanely in the private sector.
In my experience, the average reform-minded person thinks that legislators and even some government employees will come to support sensible reforms when they realize that we’re only trying to rein in excesses ..
The truth is government is like rust. It never sleeps. Government grows for its own sake and it has no intention to stay limited. Every bureaucracy, once taken root, will grow as long as someone feeds it.

.. Have you ever noticed how government always measures its success in terms of how much money it spends? It’s impossible to give government agencies enough money for anything. The more poorly they spend existing money, the better opportunity they have to clamor for more cash: "We never had enough to do the job right in the first place."
I honestly don’t know what we do about the frightening growth in government power, but I do agree with H.L. Mencken, who wrote: "I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time." Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the people who want to fix the current system, but they need to remember that government needs to be stifled rather than reformed.

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