domingo, fevereiro 03, 2013

a libertarian society

Ten ways a libertarian society would be different por Jacob G. Hornberger:
How much would a libertarian society differ from the statist society in which we live? It would be radically different. Here are ten ways a libertarian society would be different:
  1. No more welfare-state programs ..
  2. No more income taxation and Internal Revenue Service ..
  3. No more drug war ..
  4. No more Federal Reserve System and government-issued, irredeemable paper money ..
  5. No more economic regulation ..
  6. No more gun control ..
  7. No more immigration controls ..
  8. No more trade restrictions ..
  9. No more state involvement in education ..
  10. No more national-security state, including a standing army, military-industrial complex, and CIA ..
Those ten libertarian principles would produce the most prosperous, peaceful, harmonious, safe, responsible, caring, compassionate, educated, healthy, and free society in history. That’s what a full embrace of liberty, freedom of choice, freedom of conscience, and the free market would bring.

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