quinta-feira, fevereiro 21, 2013

Funcionários públicos não pagam impostos

A good friend of mine got a job working for the government last year. After getting his first paycheck, he complained to me about how much money was taken out. My response "without taxes, how would we pay for government employees like you."

The truth is that no matter how much money is taken out of the paychecks of government employees, in reality they do not actually pay taxes. Instead they are paid out of the tax revenues which are extracted from the rest of us.

In regards to this issue, there are two main groups of people in our society: tax payers and tax consumers. Tax payers are the productive members of society, those who create value and work hard and who end up reluctantly turning over a significant portion of their earnings to the government. Tax consumers, on the other hand, are those who--despite the fact that they may do important jobs--receive their salaries (or subsidies, or welfare payments, etc) from revenue which is forcibly extracted from the tax paying class of society. Tax consumers are parasites who feed off of the productive members of society.

The work being performed by some government workers may be necessary, but that does not excuse these workers from receiving their compensation through the forced extraction of wealth from the productive class.

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