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Libertarianism: A Manifesto

Millennial Libertarianism: A Manifesto:
Because we are young, we do not want to be limited by the worldview of our parents’ generation ..
As Students For Liberty, we’re not making arguments to “liberals” or “conservatives,” .. Instead, we give voice to the yearnings of this generation’s generally skeptical but highly enterprising sentiments. We speak for ourselves, not to anybody. Ann Coulter frames the debate in terms of right vs. left, but that terminology is so outdated for describing our mindset that it doesn’t actually mean anything anymore. It has ceased to be usefully descriptive of what is happening on college campuses every day .. We are creating a new iteration of the idea of libertarianism that frees us from viewing the future through the mindset of the past. The future we are to have is the future we choose to create. This is the aesthetic of the young libertarian in the twenty-first century.
Social media has virtually and literally connected the worldwide student movement for freedom within the Students For Liberty network in a way that is unparalleled in the history of the libertarian movement.
.. None of these creations existed when our parents were our age, yet they have fundamentally changed the characteristics of life for anyone under the age of thirty today. Generation Y understands that the world is constantly changing, constantly responding, constantly communicating, constantly iterating. All of this has built a new sensibility. The youthful generation understands Schumperterian creative destruction because it is lived in the organic world of culture every day. The only thing that has yet to enter the twenty-first century and has resisted change is the logic and mechanisms of government power.

.. Decades of work by thinkers and think tanks have paved the way for a mature, twenty-first century, young libertarian aesthete. As Hayekians, we avidly make use of the knowledge of the past, while also looking forward into our boundless future. And the future must necessarily be boundless, because it is each generation’s right to shake off the cold dead hand of the past and create their own world. “The earth belongs to the living,” after all .. we are merely holding up a microphone for our generation, giving voice to its yet unvoiced sentiments of freedom.

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