sábado, fevereiro 16, 2013


I'm reposting a comment I made on the thread in which I posted a picture of McFish. Of course it immediately gave rise to the usual tut-tutting of the horrors of McDs. Please listen: the furrow browed, puritanical McD haters completely miss the big picture. I just spent 7 hours in a DMV for a stupid government document and ended up not getting it. These people produce NOTHING of value and STILL can't provide it. I took a break and went to McDs where they were thrilled to see me and gave me glorious fish (the real stuff and it is GREAT and I didn't have to do anything to get it) for $1 and I was in and out in 4 mins. Food, and it cost $1! The whole history of humanity has basically consisted of the great struggle of getting stuff to eat day to day. That alone defines 99.999% of the human experience. The market has solved it and how! Meanwhile, the state can't even get me one idiotic document without the most insane bureaucratic whatever. Government consists of idiots spinning in circles making us do stupid things and then stealing from us, making us suffer, and killing us if we resist. Then, what do we hear the Prez of the "land of the free" extol in his state of the union? The notion that government should run all things. This is all a measure of how insane and mixed up the world is. Why do I celebrate McDs? Because the sector that gave rise to McDs will SAVE THE WORLD. The sector that gives us drivers licenses will DESTROY THE WORLD. That is a hugely important difference, and it is why I am an anarchist. A world of anarchism would be world with infinite McDs for even cheaper plus everything else people want essentially without limit. The world run by the state is the prison, the gulag, internment camp, the concentration camp, drones, poverty, and death. So, please, understand the significance of McFish. It is a tiny thing that embeds a big idea. Society can feed itself and save itself -- flourish and be amazing -- provided we don't have to deal with the thugs, bureaucrats, killers, and parasites that this institution called the state creates. In that tiny McFish, we see the hope of humanity, the dream of all of history, the only promise for a future of human happiness and progress.

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