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What Would a Free Society Look Like?

What Would a Free Society Look Like? por Sandy Ikeda:
Such is why the economically illiterate, such as those Hayek calls “Cartesian rationalists” or “rationalist constructivists,” have a kind of public-relations advantage over most libertarians: they can offer with all sincerity a clear picture of what their ideal society will look like. The hallmark of constructivism is confidence that human reason, or at least some person’s or group’s human reason, is powerful enough to accurately predict how specific actions today will produce particular outcomes in the future.

It seems to me then that the hallmark of libertarianism is humility in the face of the limits of our reason and thus a deep skepticism about the effectiveness of large-scale planning. The world changes moment by moment in ways that we cannot fully predict. Other things equal, the further into the future we try to plan—and the larger the number of people we try to plan for—the less likely that we will succeed.
Rather than saying what we would see in a free society, I think we’re on safer ground predicting what we wouldn’t see. You wouldn’t see slavery or legal privilege or power elites. I doubt you would see mass starvation or large-scale war. I’m pretty confident that the legal structure would emerge from the foundations of some form of private property, free association, and non-aggression. But if the question is about the specific legal and social institutions that would emerge in the free society, then almost anyone else’s guess is as good or bad as mine.

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