sábado, fevereiro 02, 2013

Women Libertarians

Why Most Women Don’t Want to be Libertarians (Yet):
One unanimous point of agreement in the debate has been the need to bring libertarianism into mainstream culture. This implicitly recognizes the idea that women take deliberate consideration of the popularity of an ideology before adopting it. If, as Jonathan Haidt pointed out and Bryan Caplan recently argued, women tend to favor empathetic, “Feeling” reasoning styles more often than men, then libertarians would do well to adapt their message to reach this group.

Fortunately for libertarians, this approach appears to be already well underway: Borowski is only one of several rising female opinion-leaders that are blazing a trail that hopefully will lead to mainstream acceptance of their ideology within their gender cohort. The number of females that occupy leadership and opinion-influencing positions within the libertarian movement—be it as an executive board member of Students for Liberty, a contributor at Reason or the Daily Caller, or a graduate student hoping to teach the next generation of activists—is growing larger with each passing year. In fact, we may well have already passed the tipping point of female entry into the movement; each young woman that earns a successful career as a public libertarian will lower the social costs of adopting this ideology for other would-be female libertarians. Time will tell, but perhaps this problem is beginning to solve itself.

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