terça-feira, março 05, 2013

Entrepreneurship and Health

Why Everyone Should Act Like an Entrepreneur (Your Health Depends On It):
What I believe makes most entrepreneurs healthy isn’t the fact that they run a business, but that they approach life in a particular way. In other words, it’s their healthy mindset that often leads to a healthy life.

For example…

  • Entrepreneurs give themselves permission to change the world and to pursue their dreams.
  • Entrepreneurs believe in themselves and in the control they have over their own lives.
  • Entrepreneurs trust that, even when things are uncertain, they’ll figure it out.
  • Entrepreneurs wake up with a purpose that drives them. They have a vision of what they are working towards that pulls them out of bed each day.
Read through those qualities again. Now imagine if you applied those same ideas to living healthy…
  • You give yourself permission to change your health and pursue a healthy lifestyle.
  • You believe in yourself and in the control you have over your own health.
  • You trust that, even when you feel uncomfortable or stupid in the gym, you’ll figure it out.
  • You wake up with a purpose that drives you. You have a vision of why you want to be healthy that pulls you into the gym each day.
It’s not hard to see how an entrepreneurial mindset can translate into a healthy lifestyle.

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