domingo, março 17, 2013

freedom from crime

The Euphemism of Libertarianism por Christopher Zimny:
The libertarian world can be summed up, ultimately, as freedom from crime.
The libertarian who stoutly extols the principles of private property and non-aggression stands admirably fast, but the world that some libertarians theorize as “the world that would exist absent the State” is simply misleading. In actuality, we are living in a libertarian society, and states do exist in it. Public opinion has been warped to such a degree that it allows the Leviathan state to have massive influence in the affairs of individuals. But it must be stressed that there is nothing particularly unnatural about this. Rather, it leaves it to the individual to decide for himself whether to succumb to aggression or to reclaim his right and ability to protect his own property.

Libertarianism is merely a euphemism for looking at reality in a different way. Libertarians, of course, think that we would live in a better world without the State or theft or crime. It is a matter of seeing these things for what they are and chasing the noble ideal of ultimately stamping them out. Every end toward that goal is a step in the right direction. In light of this, one may guard oneself more properly—in an intellectual regard—against systematic acts of aggression in the real world. At any given moment, one may simply withdraw consent from such aggression.

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