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Outside the EU (1)

The 4 Lies about Leaving the EU:
The Eurozone is moving inexorably towards taking control, by its institutions, of member states’ taxation and spending. As this new country emerges in Europe, dispelling forever any past and faint notions of a benign common market, a distinct vision is now forming in peoples’ minds of a future for Britain outside the EU but trading freely with its member states and the rest of the world.

As this takes shape adherents of the EU project of “ever closer union” will use all means possible to prevent such a regaining of sovereignty and liberalising of commerce and trade. In that campaign it is the weapon of fear that, above all, will be deployed in an attempt to keep us as subjects of this damaging regime and truth will be the first casualty.

The following short articles address the four principal misstatements that, to intimidate and confuse, will be disseminated with mounting intensity as the prospect of withdrawal from the EU attains reality.
The Lies about leaving the EU:

  • We will lose 3 Million Jobs
  • The EU is the market of the future
  • Loss of EU exports cannot be made up in Global trade
  • We are stronger for being in the EU

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