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Filibuster (3)

No seguimento de Filibuster (2),

Don’t overlook Rand Paul for 2016:
Paul represents a powerful idea in American politics: Government is the antithesis to freedom. He could appeal to downscale populist voters who see Wall Street and other monied interests as relegating them to second-class citizens, as well as more upscale suburbanites who are more classically libertarian on social and economic issues ..
The younger Paul may be still be a tad bit scary on defense issues to mainstream Republicans, a little soft on gay marriage for evangelicals and squishy on immigration for the remaining nativists. But he will make things interesting, and he already has a better platform for publicity than his father ever did — and Ron Paul, remember, broke double-digits in most of the Republican primaries. Which major-party candidate might ultimately benefit from a Rand Paul third-party bid is unclear, but don’t rule him out as a potential winner of the Republican nomination outright.

New leader of the GOP: Rand Paul:
That's right. At least for the time being, tea party darling Sen. Rand Paul is the effective leader of the Republican Party. And that's a pretty big deal.

The GOP's shellacking in 2012 has thrust a new generation of Republicans -- including leaders like Rubio, Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Govs. Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie -- into the spotlight. But it's Paul who has become the clearest voice of the new guard in the Republican Party. And he is effectively driving the entire GOP message right now.

36 Hours That Changed The Republican Party — Libertarians Believe Their Moment Has Finally Arrived:
"Rand has always said that he wanted to be a leader on the message of the Republican Party, and that means talking about old ideas that were part of the party's original message, and introducing new ideas that might help the party broaden its appeal to groups that may have been left out of the conversation," .. "Rand is one of the only people who can speak to libertarians, social conservatives, as well as your average mainstream Republican voter."

Rand Paul Highlights Obama and John McCain’s Horrible Civil Liberties Records por Julie Borowski:
People from all different political backgrounds united behind Rand Paul on social media. CODE PINK on the far left, FreedomWorks on the right, and millions of Americans united in solitary over our constitutional right to due process.

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