terça-feira, abril 02, 2013

Libertarian Justice

Lecture enquadrada na série Justice do EdX com Michael J. Sandel:

Harvard Lecture On Libertarianism:
One of the key concepts discussed in the lecture is whether or not redistribution of wealth is ethical. The argument that I often wish I would hear but seldom do is that the capitalist DOES redistribute wealth. No one with abundant extra wealth puts it all in his or her bathtub to bathe in it, they reinvest it! This IS redistribution of wealth and a reinvestment that creates jobs and so health care systems, and housing and food for the poor and on and on. The capitalist IS a re-distibutor of wealth and unlike the government he or she is a much more efficient re-distributor because he or she has ‘skin in the game’ as to what happens with their investment. The government does NOT.
NOTA: um livro que recomendo vivamenente sobre o tema é The Ethics of Redistribution de Bertrand de Jouvenel

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