domingo, abril 07, 2013

Libertarian persuation

Question of the Week: Why Aren’t Libertarians More Persuasive? por Dan Mitchell:
Having given hundreds of speeches and engaged in thousands of conversation, I can say that many people make the following assumptions about libertarians.

1. On economic policy, libertarians don’t care about the poor ..

2. On social policy, libertarians are libertines, embracing and endorsing hedonism ..

3. On foreign policy, libertarians are oblivious to external threats such as al Qaeda ..

4. And in general, libertarians are ultra-individualists who reject concepts such as community, family, and nation ..
Looking at what I’ve written, I realize I haven’t answered the question. All I’ve done is identified some stereotypes and explained why they’re not accurate.

So I’ll simply conclude by making a rather unremarkable observation that overcoming these perceptions is a big challenge for libertarians – assuming that we want to make greater inroads with the masses.

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