segunda-feira, abril 08, 2013

Libertarian Philosophy

Philosophy the Right Way por Aaron Ross Powell:
My general sense is that young libertarians tend to be better read in political philosophy than young progressives or conservatives. And that’s good! We ought to take that philosophical inclination—that sense of one’s self as part of an intellectual tradition—and run with it, embracing the careful study of ideas as an ongoing project.
We should never close off fields of inquiry simply because they appear to reach conclusions we find implausible or distasteful or wrong. For starters, what seems wrong to us now may in fact be right, even if the chances of it being right are astronomically small ..

We just can’t know for sure until we explore the ideas. Even if after exploring them we have good reason to reject the conclusions, we can still learn much by studying how the author arrived at them. And learning much is why we’re reading all this political philosophy in the first place.

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